The Project 14 Global Missions board of directors will lead Northland Baptist Ministries

"We will merge our global mission efforts at Project 14 Global Mission agency, Global Bible University, OneLife Christian Camps, and BluePrint Church Planting program to Northland campus in strategic ways to be determined soon."

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 I suggest this is one of the big reasons there are so many nasty fights in the KJVO wing of fundamentalism--they're inadvertently or purposefully training people to be bellicose.

Yeah, I think this is a big problem in general with Christians.  We (generally) teach people to 'defend the faith' in a way that that is sinful.

Bert Perry wrote:

Regarding KJVO, the worst of it isn't that it's often read anachronistically or without knowledge of pre-Elizabethan English, or that a small group of people tends to control the narrative. Rather, it's that you need to argue that the eclectic text/Alexandrian texts are corrupted.  Since you cannot show that with actual evidence--the text families are different but that could be just mistakes in copying--you necessarily end up making your case with personal attacks, fraudulent "evidence", and the like.

The really insidious thing about the whole KJV debate is that in order to go anywhere with any of those beliefs, you have to be in agreement that Satan (or whoever) was successfully able to corrupt the words that God has given to us.  All the other stuff flows from in the zeal to defend a specific translation of the Bible (for whatever reason), you have to admit that Satan stymied God and that God had to 'save the day' by giving us the 'right texts' to use.


Think about the ramifications of that for a second.  

"Our task today is to tell people — who no longer know what sin longer see themselves as sinners, and no longer have room for these categories — that Christ died for sins of which they do not think they’re guilty." - David Wells

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And the home page for p14 missions has just announced Jeff Kahl's resignation.  They are reviewing their options with respect to the Northland campus.  This is kind of sad.  It may be that the Lord wants the place shut down.  Man's efforts haven't gone very far.

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"I have serious reservations about the future of Northland and Project 14, but I do hope that I am wrong."

I regret being right...and so quickly.

Seriously, can the Northland story have anymore twists and turns?