Kids 4 Truth Releases New Dynamation: "The Watchmaker"

Watch “The Watchmaker”
From Kids 4 Truth:
“This dynamic animation (i.e. Dynamation) transports the viewer into an imaginary world where by chance and chance alone, a beautiful, working watch is formed over a process of millions of years. Where did the watch come from?Obviously, the idea of a watch forming by chance and/or accident is sheer lunacy!
Cells are organisms infinitely more complex than the most intricate watch. How can we possibly think that cells were formed by chance or accident over millions of years? The message of The Watchmaker confronts popular, evolutionary thought by challenging the viewer that design necessitates a Designer.
Read by Texas radio hall-of-famer Jim West, The Watchmaker is combined with the beautiful graphics of internationally-acclaimed Flash artist Marie Tabler. Dramatic music accompanies the 5-minute presentation. Although The Watchmaker is designed for young audiences, its powerful message is relevant to all ages.
William Paley’s classic “Watchmaker” argument for design was the inspiration behind ‘The Watchmaker’ Dynamation.”

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