President Obama's Ramadan slap at Muslims

"[I]nstead of feeling spiritually uplifted and civically engaged by attending an Islamic celebration in the White House, the Muslim guests were shocked and dismayed when they heard the President say, 'Israel has the right to defend itself.'" CNNBB

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Note that a simple affirmation of israel's right to defend itself counts in the author's mind as some kind of carte blanche for Israel and some kind of whitewash of all past wrongs. Since the author is not a stupid man, my take here is that he and his associates have decided that they have the right to concoct NewSpeak* on the fly to get whatever they desire, and stupid us, we've been falling for it for decades.

It's well past time for someone to say that no, not only will we not be doing what you suggest, but we're inviting you to take a course in remedial English so you might actually understand what is being said.

* no offense intended to George Orwell.

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