Political Malpractice: Efforts to Mislead Physicians about State Abortion Laws

"While physicians may have legitimate questions about the new state abortion laws, the organized campaign to attack them as banning sound medical judgment is a disservice to physicians and patients alike." - Public Discourse

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A few years back, I did a basic calculation based on Planned Parenthood's own numbers (via Guttmacher) , and the end of what I found is that abortion simply cannot pay the bills for abortion clinics outside of big cities and a few D1 college towns.  That's why Medicaid dollars for contraception, federal and state subsidies, and the like are crucial for the ready availability of abortion.  Without these dollars, abortion will basically disappear (or retreat back to back alleys) in the country. 

And that's a good thing if it happens, because by and large, abortion allows the "love 'em and leave 'em" crowd to avoid responsibility for their actions, and also allows rapists to hide the evidence of their crimes.  As pro-life people make their case this way, I believe even a lot of pro-choice people will come around to the horror that is legalized abortion.  It's already the case that about 90% of obstetrician/gynecologists do not do abortion, because in most areas, even many pro-choice patients won't use someone who does abortions for other care.  Ick factor and "do I want muscle memory to kick in when my child is being born?" and all that.

Long and short of it is that the numbers don't support abortion, and hence those "diehards" out there are going to lie to try and keep the business going.

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