"PHCS gave her bills to Medi-Share, who underpaid on our contracted rates with PHCS"

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I was unaware that Medishare negotiated discounted rates with providers, but glad to see that.  We have insurance through my part-time job at UPS. A recent EOB showed a charge for $3900 and change. With the negotiated rate the insurance only paid about $400 - the most significant discount I have ever noticed.

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I know that these Christian health care expense sharing ministries sound too good to be true, considering what one pays per month.  I am not involved in one, but a friend had his prostate removed, the initial bill was around 100K, when he called and asked what they'd accept if paid in cash, the hopsital said 60K, and Christian Healthcare Ministries overnighted a check to the hospital.  There are no guarantees, such programs are not insurance, but some have been around for decades and from the few people I know in them they have never had a problem with a bill being paid.  

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The whole process always felt funny to me too but I know several people that use these programs and have for several years.  All of them have nothing but very good things to say and have never had an issue that would be any different than dealing with normal insurance.  Multiple births, minor surgeries, routine care, etc.  All has been covered.  My fear is that it's kind of like having your entire 401k in company stock.  When it's going well, it's great, but when it goes bad... it can go REALLY bad...

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....just one side, but as Jim notes, does not look good.  Hopefully some time on the phone helps sort this out.

Personally, as conservative as I am, I'm happy to chip in when somebody's got a hugely expensive disease that they didn't do anything to earn.  Where I get testy is when I'm asked to help pay (via taxes or directly) for lung cancer treatment for a lifelong smoker, for heart disease and diabetes treatment for someone who's been carrying 100 extra pounds since their thirties, and the like. Though I must admit that at times it's hard not to "train for heart disease and diabetes", if you catch my drift.

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My wife and I have been a part of Christian Healthcare Network for the past several years.  They have never, I repeat never scammed us.  We get steep discounts for paying cash.  Our network has over-nighted checks to our hospital and has reimbursed us for out of pocket expenses.  May not work for every one; but they have kept their word with us.  

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If this is the case with Hemophilia then I believe as Bert said we don't mind helping these people.  When I was a kid in Iowa there was a kid in my class with Hemophilia. He was in and out of the Hospital all the time.  I remember going over to his house and playing with him. 

I think in this matter the Federal Gov should step in and fund taking care of these kids and centralize the research on such a dreaded disease and take the pressure off the parents  My Lord we did a war against AIDS and now a lot of the AIDS patients are living long lives   Last I heard is Magic Johnson does not even test positive for it  

The insurance companies should not have to be involved   These patients should get automatic healthcare for life from birth period