SBC official labels LGBTQ-affirming evangelicals as ‘false teachers’

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Last week, the Human Rights Campaign—arguably the nation’s most influential LGBT organization—announced a new initiative aimed at persuading evangelicals to understand that there is no conflict in being both evangelical and pro-LGBT.  Titled “Coming Home to Evangelicalism and to Self,” the resource attempts to offer evangelical Christians a path forward to endorse LGBT identities. In their own words, “The HRC Foundation’s Coming Home series is designed to help LGBTQ people live fully in their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and live fully in their religious, spiritual and cultural traditions.”

To the innocent observer, the resource looks like an evangelical-friendly resource designed to show evangelicals how they can retain their evangelical bona fides while also adopting an affirming position on LGBT identities. Statistics are marshaled showing how an inevitable shift toward LGBT inclusion is supposedly underway among younger evangelicals. The pamphlet accuses evangelicals who retain a biblical view of sex and gender of hewing to a “power dynamic” and exuding “privilege” aimed at ferreting out rejection of LGBT persons.

It is clear, however, that the resource relies heavily on activist voices who for some time have been engaged in a campaign of biblical subterfuge. Voices like Matthew Vines, David Gushee, Brandan Robertson and others are featured in the resource as vanguards of a new kind of Christianity, a Christianity that is modern, enlightened, and attuned to the complex world of sexual identity. Observers should understand that the work of these individuals is centered, almost exclusively, on getting evangelicals to abandon biblical authority and capitulate to the sexual revolution. For this reason, they should be ignored and regarded as false teachers (Jude 4; Matt. 7:15-16).


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...thy loins, as this issue is not going away simply because we declare Vines et al to be false teachers, although I would agree that is true.  What we need to do is to learn to go beyond prooftexting to demonstrate that God's teaching on sex pervades the entire Bible, and cannot be referred to as just a few verses.  

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