James Dobson Endorses Donald Trump for President

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You know, when politics takes the place of faith in God's sovereignty, you come around to think like this. 

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Well guys put on your seat belts this is going to be one wild ride.  If ths goof ball gets in YIKES. The alternative is Hillary. Wow what a choice. If Hillary wins there is no chance the best horse for the next  race Paul Rayan will jump in until 8 years from now. 8 years and a court bunched with whacky liberals.  Pretty soon they will lock us up for reading the bible in public.  The only good thing about it is the real wacadoodles in Fundamentalism will be with us ie Dr Phil Kidd that racist nut and the all the wacky Gothardites and the Duggerites. Bert do you want to share a cell with me.  I bet this old gum shoe could give you a run in a game of chess.