“Simple condemnations are not going to get to the hearts and minds of these people”

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Rand Paul:


Rand Paul told one of its reporters backstage at a speech in Houston last night that the U.S. should provide extra scrutiny of people coming into the country from predominantly Muslim countries after the Chattanooga, Tenn., terrorist attack on Friday.

"I’m very concerned about immigration to this country from countries that have hotbeds of jihadism and hotbeds of this Islamism," Paul told Breitbart. "I think there does need to be heightened scrutiny. Nobody has a right to come to America, so this isn’t something that we can say ‘oh, their rights are being violated.’ It’s a privilege to come to America and we need to thoroughly screen those who are coming."

Iran deal ... more immigration 


Iran’s nuclear nonproliferation agreement with the U.S. could open the spigot on the Islamic Republic’s oil reserves, but Adam Ward is excited about another untapped resource: technical talent.

Mr. Ward, who heads recruiting at the San Francisco social-scrapbooking site Pinterest Inc., believes the deal could make it easier for U.S. technology companies to recruit engineers from Iran, a country of 80 million people that boasts top-notch educational institutions such as Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology.

“It’s going to open up a whole new market,” Mr. Ward said. “It’s not just the new grads. For anyone who is an Iranian citizen, the path to getting a work visa in the U.S. just got a lot easier.”

My own view is that we should limit muslim immigration. I am not alone!