Russia Enacts Law to Restrict Religious Freedom and Missionary Activities

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More or less, Russia is banning a lot of foreign missions types because of one group well known for terrorism--I would guess the same thing is at work in Germany's ban on homeschooling.  The trouble is that the "parallel societies" both nations want to avoid will be created by people who do not care about the law, and who are not afraid to intimidate authorities out of applying the law to them.

But that said, reaching people for Christ in closed countries can be done.  I remember telling a coworker about Him when I was in Malaysia--and I spent no time in a third world jail for doing so!  You just have to be smart about it.  Think "tentmakers". 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Evangelical Christian-Baptists have been on the out with the Kremlin whether under the tsars, commissars or the current occupants.  Remember Georgi Vins or The Printing?

Hoping to shed more light than heat..