Why Is Christian Unity So Hard?

“nowhere in the Bible does God promise that the pursuit of unity, even among real, Spirit-filled, earnest Christians, won’t be as hard as it often is — any more than it promises that battling our indwelling sin won’t be as hard as it often is” - Desiring God


It seems like SharperIron spends a great deal of time on unity between churches. Do we recognize the separate definitions of the church as an organism (we should have “organic” oneness with all true believers) and as an organization (to me, an entirely different matter). I agree with the author as far as the unity within a church. And, while I’m not looking for disagreements, as a pastor I’m pushed to join together organizationally with churches with whom I have profound disagreements and refuse to go along. If I don’t lead in that manner, I’m painted as the “bad guy” who is keeping unity from happening.

Unity, especially between organizations, needs to be based on truth in both faith and practice. Churches and organizations with fine doctrinal statements don’t always follow them in this day of pragmatism.