An appeal to rightly apply 2 Chronicles 7:14

"Regarding 2 Chronicles 7:14, it is very appropriate for any Christian to obey the spirit of this text by endeavoring to humble himself or herself, pray, seek God's face and turn from wicked ways, trusting that God will hear, forgive and heal." BPNews

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The article is correct that there is "an application" of every OT text to NT believers, but not just any ol' application we think sorta fits.

Does the passage call "God's people" to repent? Maybe. Does it call "America" to repent? Not remotely. Does it promise national restoration and national blessing (or any blessing at all to non-Israel)? No.

The reason is simple: the context of the promise is pure Mosaic Covenant, and this covenant was all about temporal blessings in response to obedience. That covenant is history, and the New Covenant is fundamentally different.

... and then there's the fact that USA is not Israel... and the church is not Israel.

The passage has no legitimate use in a "God bless America" context.

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Aaron, thank you for being honest enough to share the truth of this passage in it's context.  

We have far too many "sacred cows" when it comes to the misapplication of God's Word and it is refreshing when a child of God speaks the truth and does not add to or misapply the intent of the author.

Bob Rogish