California Bill SB 1146: An Imminent Attack on Religious Liberty

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I understand.

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Jim wrote:

There's a campus in Dunbar ...

Under the current climate, these type of state issues become federal rather quickly so why bother with a move.  Gov't sponsored student loans and accreditation will be separated from schools who take a stand. Some national evangelical universities will acquiesce to compromise, but many fundamental institutions will have to adapt as regional two year Bible Institutes with seminaries (Some have already started this) or shut down completely.

Sorry for being a rain cloud, but unless God sends an awakening to this country I don't see how else this progresses. 

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David French says it's time for evangelicals to mobilize and demonstrate, etc.

But I'm skeptical that this would work even if it could somehow be made to happen. The problem many on the right have not figured out yet is that belief-system support for religious liberty has been slowly dissolving for some time and there is no enduring solution that can be imposed by exerting pressure. Maybe though a short term solution has to be sought first. But conservatives have put so much of their resource into external solutions (elected leaders, laws, etc.) while the battle for hearts and minds has received relatively little attention.

I'm inclined to think that the survival of our liberties requires a long-term strategy that includes very strong education, media, and popular culture components. There is enough money to do this if the folks with the giant bank accounts get together and strategize. But the Trump phenomenon is strong evidence that pouring money into the GOP will accomplish very little--other than self destruction.

Whatever short term strategic moves are undertaken they need to not undermine the longer term strategy. Nominating and electing disasters like Trump is about as long-term destructive as is possible to be.

(Long term, conservatives need to retake education from k12 through higher ed, for starters. This is actually achievable, but it requires lots of people working together to do it. It cannot be done by legislative fiat... though dissolving the dept  of Ed might help. If some uber-rich dude is reading this, hey--why not make this your 40 year project? Fill schools with conservative teachers. Fill the thinktanks and research non-profits with conservatives. Fill the college faculties with conservatives. It can be done with enough time, because the thing about truth is that it works in the long run.)

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