Mississippi Becomes Last State to Remove Confederate Emblem from Flag

"The Mississippi state legislature voted on Sunday to remove the emblem of the Confederacy from the state flag. ... polling from the state’s Chamber of Commerce indicated that 55 percent of residents now supported removing the Confederate symbol." - National Review

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My fear is that statues will be removed, flags redesigned, and streets renamed, but predjudice on a personal level will not be dealt with.  Some call this symbolism over substance.  Although I understand some of the concern about the demeanor of our President, I am thankful that he is taking some real action on substanitive issues.  Even before the protests he was working with Senator Tim Scott to make real changes to help the black community.  He got criminal justice reform and opportunity zones passed while the Republicans controlled both the house and senate.  

If you have not had a chance to listen to Tim Scott's speech it is worth a listen.  Here is the link;