Are So-Called “Non-denominational Churches” Really “Non-denoms?”

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...because you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything.  I can see the allure of reducing the number of critical points of faith--do we really need to separate on such and such basis--and it's worth noting as well that this very motivation was central to formulating the five Fundamentals, no?  

But that said, "non-denominational" really means one of the brands of evangelical, often Baptistic, sometimes somewhat Calvinistic or charismatic.   So it's something of an obfuscation in my view.  More than other churches? Sometimes, but not always.

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My knee jerk reactions when I see a label:

Presbyterian: Polity, Calvinism, traditional

Baptist: Baptism by immersion, independent, traditional

Methodist: liberal

Bible: Baptist Lite

"Noun" Churches (Redemption, Grace, etc.) Praise Band, young


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