Podcast: Is Christianity Good for Science? With John Lennox

"...John Lennox’s riveting talk on “Is Christianity Good for Science?” Or, as he also put it, is Christianity a good worldview in which to do science?" - Breakpoint

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Got a chance to hear this one during the commute yesterday. It's a nice introduction to John Lennox, if you're not familiar with him, and a fun--as well as intellectually stimulating--listen. Readers of William Lane Craig et al. will hear some familiar observations, but Lennox style, so it's a nice review.

Especially fun: observations about how anti-"big bang" scientists were in the 60's because it was feared to be too supportive of Christianity... and Lennox's observation that everyone could have moved from the Greek religious notion of an eternal universe to the now-mostly-accepted idea that the universe had a beginning much quicker if they'd considered the claims of the Bible.

(He is adamant that everybody is religious in some sense and scientists especially--because all belief systems are faiths.)