Pope Francis warns of destruction of Earth's ecosystem

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....and the article's very existence is apparently an act of sabotage by a clever person against the Vatican.  OK, guys, who did it?  Me? Jim?  Aaron?  Tyler?  Ed?  Larry?  You know we fundamentalists have the long knives out for Rome!  Fess up, now.   :^)

Seriously, anyone familiar with the hideous environmental history of centrally planned economies--Lake Baikal, Shanghai and Beijing, really most of the world from the Sea of Japan to Germany--ought to cringe at the Pope's suggestion of a central authority to regulate this.  We'll just get bazillions more coal-fired Chevy Volts and such and make the problem (whatever its magnitude) worse.

My brother's definition of "environmentalist": "Person who cannot do math or science".  (and he identifies as one, FWIW)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.