Leaving Baptist in Your Church Name Won't Scare People Away

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I wonder what the percentage of people who were asked to name a Baptist church would say, "Westboro Baptist Church"?  I'm guessing a pretty significant number.  Sadly.

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After being in about six Baptist churches on staff for twenty five years the last place we wanted to attend was a Baptist church. I do not believe the name is as negative as how Baptists act inside and outside of the church. We attended and joined a church that our doctor was a member of. We visited because we liked what we saw from our doctor- He was for real. We are members of Westside Fellowship, a southern Baptist church though many would not know this. We love Westside because there is good preaching, a strong promotion of reaching others, and Pastors and members that truly love us for who we are. The pastor takes a stand on doctrines and teachings that are clear from the Bible, and stays away from opinion and personal beliefs. We are fed and we are loved at Westside. This is what attracts people to Westside, and praise the Lord it is so refreshing to see about 10 new converts be baptized on a monthly basis- something we didn't see that often in Baptist churches. https://www.westsidefellowship.org

Jim Racke

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Jim Racke's link to westsidefellowship.org makes my anti-virus software complain about unlocked certificates. Anyone else have that problem?