Are the 2020s Going to be Like the 1970s?

"Even a global pandemic that induced politicians on both the right and left to usher in unprecedented levels of tyranny, including lockdowns of businesses, churches, and schools, did not raise unemployment and inflation to 1970s levels." - IFWE

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Congressional Budget Office is predicting 6.1% for this year, by year's end, and 3.1% in 2023.  Fed goal is to keep inflation at 2.3%.

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Dr. Anne Bradley is right to point out that a generally higher level of prosperity to start with is helping us, but at a certain point, who would have predicted, for example, that the price of gasoline would double since President Biden's inauguration?  My gut feeling is that there will be a certain point where things get far more difficult than they are now.  I obviously hope I'm wrong.

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