Baptist-aligned Cedarville University beset by conflicts

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Cedarville's actions seem pretty reasonable to me. I am thankful they are taking strong stands. It could be that they need to communicate a little better as it does seem like they are shifting toward more conservative positions and they should make that clear.

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I am very encouraged by the leadership that Dr. White has shown. One quote in the Dispatch article captures some of the problem. Critics of White who claim that Brown (his predecessor) had moved the school into mainstream conservative evangelicalism are way off target there--he was taking the school well left of conservative evangelicalism.

Basically, anything short of progressivism is considered fundamentalism and people moving leftward want to protect the move by wrapping it in the word conservative. Sometimes both are true. Sometimes they are code words to attack or obscure. 


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Exactly right Dave.  Dr. White has done an excellent job.

1 Kings 8:60 - so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God and that there is no other.