5 Ways We Quench the Holy Spirit

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It was a lack of faith that created the doctrine known as "cessationism." Respected Bible teachers have convinced whole sectors of the church that God no longer operates supernaturally. Christianity has been reduced to an intellectual argument, devoid of power. And even in churches that wear the Pentecostal label, we have created such tight controls on our meetings that the gifts can't function.

There is a disconnect in the above argument: "cessationism" is NOT the position that "God no longer operates supernaturally"


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I am not a hard cessationist, but this Babylon Bee article says it all for me in the same way that John Piper did a few years back.  The #1 way the Holy Spirit's work is squelched is, in my opinion, when people refuse to read and heed God's Word.  Sad to say, our continuationist brothers and sisters are too often experts in doing this.

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