"Christendom no longer has a metaphysical dream"

The enigmatic Dissidens:
“…(F)or there to be understanding between people there has to be a shared ‘metaphysical dream’, a common set of ideas on which to base our judgments, a test for the truth of all of our claims. If that shared understanding does not exist, one cannot share the gospel, not at a soccer game and not at a church, not casually and not formally.
If I deny the supernatural, I am not going to be persuaded of my need of repentance by someone just because our boys play soccer together.
The current wisdom is that to share Christ you establish a shared interest (you can get a whole list of possible shared interests on p. 207 of Lifestyle Evangelism). From these shared interests may develop a relationship in which you can cleverly insinuate a person’s need for salvation. This of course is nonsense. A shared interest in rodeo or quilting is not pre-evangelism.”

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