Charismatic Leaders Release “Prophetic Standards”: Unfulfilled Prophecy Requires Public Apology

"In an effort to affirm the prophetic movement while correcting abuses occurring within it, dozens of Christian leaders recently released a “Prophetic Standards” document..... 'there are many questions in the Body concerning the gift of prophecy and the ministry of the prophet.' Many of those questions were sparked by false prophecies about President Trump’s re-election" - C.Leaders

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We don't need a "prophetic standards" document. All we need is God's Word. To wit, Deuteronomy 18:20-22:

But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.’ And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

It's quite amusing to see these "prophetic leaders" do all they can to try to justify their foolishness.

Bert Perry's picture's nice to get apologies, as it's at least a start.  Next step to understanding the significance of false prophecy would be for leaders who make false prophecies to step down from leadership, as putting false words into God's mouth is a big deal.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I agree that these guys are false prophets they should resign as Pastors.  Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  My father found that out after the Korean War when he was assigned to the 82nd Air Borne at Ft Bragg as a 1st Lt.   Since my father graduated for West Point it was his intentions to make a career in the Army but the Lord had other plans.  

In Training my father was injured when someone playing with hand grenade accidentally set it off and blown my a piece of rock into his head ending his Army Career.  I'm thankful because if he stayed in he would have fought in Vietnam for his third war with his classmates who lead him to the Lord.  

Interesting how the Lord worked in my fathers case. My father at 16 was on the beaches of Iwo Jima when the Japanese opened up with everything they had.  My father said he saw his dearest friends blown to pieces before his eyes.  That the one and only thing he said about the battle.  In Korea he was a Platoon Commander on the front lines for 3 months fighting Chinese Human Wave attacks. Needless to say he never suffered a scratch but when the Lord had different plans for him it took a grenade in training to send him a different way.  

Sorry for the Rabbit trail.  These alleged prophets were on the road stumping for Donald Big Time. I believe they were all part of the what they called the Independent Network Charsmatic.  These dudes were holding music concerts to drum up support for Trump in the Evangelical Community so even their intentions were not to lead people to Christ unless it came along with supporting Donald.  They were quite good with their dog and pony show.  They were even part of cheering section at the attack.  I found their whole agenda as offensive to the Gospel and offensive to our Country.  They are partly to blame for the 60 Capital Police Officers maimed for life by Trumps White Supremacist Thugs.  If they were the Believers they said they were they would have stood with the Capital Police and tried to stop the Officers from being passed out to the Crowds to be beaten and stomped on. No they'd rather sing hymns and pray.  I know this because I know someone associated with this movement who was at the attack.  They also made sure they were at the ANTIFA and BLM Protests around the Country and coordinated with the Proud Boys.   In my book their seditious racist loons and Traitors.  

My Federal Brothers and Sisters were seriously wounded in the attack.  Plus two Officers a short time later committed Suicide.  I know other Believers who are my family by marriage and supported the attack.  I won't go into details but I am not a happy camper with these Prophet Dudes.  They should resign as Pastors for being false prophets and for being Traitors   They had a contingent at the attack.  They may not have attack but certainly condoned it.  

Just an example of one of the 60 Officers Maimed. One Officer was handed out to the crowd and beaten so bad he had Brain trauma and a heart attack while being beaten.  Pray for me guys because if I meet any Christian Brother who says the attack was justified I don't know how I would react. At this point I'm not going to church and probably won't because I don't know if I can be next to Christian Brother Trumper still buying into Trump's lies.  I will probably be looking for another church.

 I have to say I have great respect for Bob Jones University.  They stayed clear of politics and Trump and it seems and are on an honest path vs Liberty and Masters.  Again good for them.  In this whole mess I believe BJU will come out ahead of a lot of other Christian Universities and they deserve it.  Liberty Cedarville Moody and Masters don't deserve the hard earned money from parent and/or students to go to their institutions. BJU does.  Liberty is still backing Trump and it's disgusting.