Netflix "Come Sunday" tells story of Carlton Pearson

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 “Come Sunday” [is] the story of a real-life evangelical bishop who began preaching that God was welcoming, and that even people who hadn’t been “saved” would be spared from hell. That message might seem innocuous, but it challenged the beliefs of the congregants at his Tulsa megachurch, who regarded the position as heresy.

Adapted, with the usual biopic dramatic liberties, from a “This American Life” episode that aired in 2005, Joshua Marston’s film begins in 1998, with Carlton Pearson (a superb Chiwetel Ejiofor) preaching about his efforts to sway a lawyer who sat next to him on a plane.

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  • Responds to "the lies" in the film
  • Carlton Pearson "didn't have a revelation from God"
  • He did not invite Pearson to "College of Bishops" ... Pearson called and asked if he might come to defend himself
  • Pearson said "God himself will need to apologize to Satan"
  • 5 bishops answered him ("took his doctrine apart piece by piece")
  • "[Pearson] made up his own movie"
  • "[Pearson] is a heretic"
  • "The movie is just theater"
  • "It's false doctrine ... try the spirits ... try the spirits 'by the Word'"

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