#BoycottTarget campaign reaches 500,000 signers

"Less than a week after Target, the nation’s second-largest discount retailer, announced that transgender customers may use the restroom that 'corresponds with their gender identity,' nearly 500,000 people have signed a #BoycottTarget online petition launched by the conservative American Family Association." RNS

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...might be to simply gently remind their legal department that there are 843000 people on Megan's List--people with a known and court-adjudicated history of sexual assault and other sex crimes--who might take advantage of their new bathroom policy along with the 10,000 or so hypothetical transgender customers.

We don't need to "pick on" transgenders to pursue this.  We simply need to note that known sex criminals outnumber them by over 50:1.    


Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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"Boycotting typically focuses its efforts on reducing the ripple effects of the real problem. Think of it like this: You have a leak in your basement. Instead of fixing the dripping pipe, the plumber sets up various containers and buckets to contain it. But it’s only a provisional fix. Because the source of your leak hasn’t been addressed, your new bucket will eventually fill again. The plumber has only disguised the root problem.

Similarly, boycotts may make a statement, but often fail to trigger lasting change. We see the problem, in this case, a population that’s unsaved and thus has an unbiblical worldview, but instead try “a new bucket approach” by taking a stand against a corporation with our wallets. In the best-case scenario, Target goes back to its long-standing bathroom policy. While this would be great news, you could only call it a tempered victory—no disciples of Jesus would be made and the real underlying problem of sin would still exist."


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I remember back in the early 90's when police would arrest folks for "violating laws against nature" in a public place, the local Target was often cited where police had to break up gay men hook ups in the bathrooms. We even had a church member who was arrested there. So, to me, neither gender bathroom is safe at a Target,  law or no law.

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Just like the radical LGBT group is using North Carolina (a thoroughly purple state at this point) as an example by which they are warning all other states so-inclined to protect their women and children and to put a stop to the politically-correct movement to provide special protection to people who need treatment, not accommodation/acquiescence, boycotters are sending a message to all other progressive/activist businesses that there are potential consequences that move the other way as well.  Certainly, any company with an eye on their bottom line should take note that this issue ticked off what will likely be over ONE MILLION potential customers.  Let's assume that only half of them follow through on their pledge and actually boycott and let's assume that those 500,000 spend an average of $50 a month in Target (an easy and low amount in a place where Toasters can run close to $75 bucks), they are looking at a monthly loss of revenue of $25,000,000 and an annual amount of $300,000,000.  That's a lot of trail mix and bath towel sets.  

With the current attitude expressed thus far on this thread, Ronald Reagan likely would not have been elected President as it was the activism of the religious right that booted Carter back to Georgia and prevented 12 years of people like Carter, Mondale and Dukakis.  It's simple, it's fairly anonymous and it sends a message.  I'm for it.

I also live in North Carolina and am watching the lies, threats and intimidation descending on our state from outside the state by about a 10:1 ratio with those who are local.  Sixty-two percent of people in CHARLOTTE, the epicenter of the battle and a growing liberal pocket of NC support HB2.