What does Earth Day offer Christians?

"The contemporary environmentalist movement has often been flawed and clumsy and sometimes evil, as any movement made up of fallen sinners tends to be. But, at the core of it, is a concept Christians ought to recognize. It is that of creatureliness, and dependence, and longing for the permanent things." - BPNews

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By the way, I think most local church properties could be enhanced and maybe a better witness to environmental types by doing a few simple things. 

Plant some trees.  Fruit or nut trees that grow well in the area.  Shade trees.  Trees with good Fall color. 

Plant a small flower garden that attracts pollinators (Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, etc.  If not harassed, bees seldom sting when getting nectar.).  Kids love to watch them. 

Put up a bluebird house or two on church property. 

The biggest danger to trees on church property is having their bark damaged by string trimmers and mowers.  So, protect them! 


David R. Brumbelow

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Install a bike rack.  We're justifiably worried about whether we're reaching young people,especially those whose parents don't attend.  Well, what about a bike rack so they can show up on two wheels when they don't have four available? Bonus is that when we're attacked for not being environmentally responsible, we can simply say "take a look."

Another thought that comes to mind is that there are times in the summer when I shiver in church, and times in the winter when I'm sweating.  Maybe tone down the AC and heat at times, too?

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Well folks our Country while Biden is President to moving to a green future. I'm all in for open space preservation and moving to renewables when we can afford it and when it makes sense. The church could do more things like Bert said  to encourage 2 wheeled transportation and maybe having solar power panels installed at the church and more planting of trees around the church   

However even Biden has already made himself a hypocrite in this area.  Biden shut down the Keystone Pipe line but then has the DOJ representing the Penn East Pipeline in their bid to put PA gas into NJ.   The big sticking point is the seizure of NJ State Land to put the pipeline in and NJ does not want it.  Penn East  wants to cross the NJ Pine Barrens with the Pipeline which is a Federally protected area 

t's almost comical in that you have two Democrat States fighting each other and of course Biden is backing PA for the Democrats delivering the State to him. The DOJ will help Penn East seize the land in NJ.  You actually have a lot of Republicans in NJ fighting this to.   PA Governor Wolf and his Luet Gov Fetterman are both pro fracking and drilling and all about protecting to huge coal power plants in PA each fed by their own deep PA bituminous coal mines. Wolf and Fetterman are not your typical Democrats when it comes to energy.  They are no different than Texas Republicans in this area.  

The Enviormentalists in PA  hate Fetterman because Fetterman wants to allow a US Steel Coking Plant to remain open while upgrading their facilities.  Apparently the plant as it is puts out a lot of toxic air pollution and the Environmentalists want it closed.   The Environmentalists told Fetterman he is a rich white guy living in a rich suburb so he does not understand how poor people living around the plant suffer.  Fetterman's response was me and my family live right across the street from the plant and US Steel is willing to spend 1 Billion Dollars to clean it up and upgrade the plant.  Fetterman added that you don't throw away 1500 Union Jobs if the Company wants to make a 1 Billion dollar investment.  Again it's actually comical.