In his own words: Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam

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I don't see anything really earth shattering there. Does anyone really believe Obama is evangelical? Also there is nothing in there that would identify him with Islam. That is really just an ad-hominem attack on our president. When someone tells me they are a Christian I usually ask them what church they go to so that I can know what they believe. Obama went to a Black Liberation Theology church for decades. If he believes anything exclusively it's probably that. 

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I am referring to the characterization of him as being Islamic. None of those quotes suggest he is. The church he attended was just as heretical so there is no point in calling him Islamic. Also I don't know the source but references to where he said these things would be good.

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Already twisted. His radical church attendance prior to election indicates that.

Don Johnson
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Jim, I would answer in the affirmative on all four. No where have I said that he was not antagonistic towards Christianity or that he is not wrong in his treatment of Islam. I just think that the idea of trying to paint him as a Muslim when he attended a Black Liberation church for TWO DECADES is a little off. Maybe the article is not suggesting that and I misinterpreted it. 

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Jim wrote:

Do you have any sense that he has tilted:

  • Against Israel?
  • Towards Islamic thought and advisors?
  • Generally against Christians (say the Hobby Lobby issue)?
  • Against Christian values? Eg.
    • On abortion
    • Gay rights

I sense he has on all 4 of the above points.

Not sure how these are Christian or not.  Israel is not a religious State, regardless of whether it has the same name and occupies some of the same region as the Religious State mentioned in the Bible.  I would not say the Hobby Lobby issue is just an attack against Christians.  There is much more at play here than a Christian issue.  We could also argue whether it is okay for a company that has beliefs, and whether they can deny employees who don't share those beliefs for a right that is provided to everyone else.  While Hobby Lobby is great for Christians, it can be flipped the opposite way against us.  Abortion and Gay Rights are just as much an affront to Islam as it is to Christians.  So not sure what that says.