Five Errors to Drop From Your Easter Sermon

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Not mentioning any of them! I'm focusing on His death (Heb 10:1-22, 28-31) and the importance of the resurrection (1 Cor 15:13-14) - why we serve a risen Savior rather than a dead one.

Wanted to do something a bit different. 

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Well done.  It drives me nuts when people say Jesus was 30 when he began preaching when the only text intentionally says ABOUT 30.  That kind of sloppiness drives me nuts.  All the points in this article are valid.

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I encourage the readers to correct any misunderstanding I have on the last supper, but my understanding is that it took place the evening before the main passover meal and before the passover lamb had been slaughtered.  Therefore, there may have been lamb meat at this meal, but it was not the lamb that had been slaughtered on the passover day when the rest of the lambs were to be killed.  I believe that this meal was still called the passover is because the passover was not limited to one single day, but was actually a multiple day celebration; therefore, the holy time had already begun even before the actual selected lamb had been slaughtered.  Thus even though there was a special meal where the passover lamb would be eaten the following day, any meal eaten during this stretch of days would have been part of the passover celebration and would have been a passover meal.  The other option that I see is that since Jesus knew He would not be around the next day, He decided to have a lamb sacrificed early so He could celebrate with His disciples.