Do We Need a “Modern Alternative to Our Patriarchal Wedding System”?

"What is marriage? Well, according to an opinion piece in a UK publication by a described human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, it’s an outdated, patriarchal system that needs to be replaced." - AiG

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If you go beyond AIG's site to the HuffPo article, the gentleman does not spell out exactly what he means by the problems with our "patriarchal" marriage system, but he does suggest that someone could designate another friend as a "next of kin" for purposes of inheritance and the like.  Given the number of people who are without a spouse or children, many through no fault of their own (widowhood, infertility), this could be a great way of helping take care of the aged as our Social Security and Medicare systems go actuarially bankrupt.

More centrally, however, the author (quite understandably as an LGBT activist) misses, or deliberately downplays, the primary reason for the government being interested in marriage and family law in the first place; that the process of heterosexual sex creates vulnerable people, children and mothers, and the law needs to set some benchmarks for how they will be treated.  My biggest fear is that same-sex mirage will obscure this fact, and that our society will start to forget this.

Or perhaps it is our greatest opportunity, as it would give Christians the chance to show love to these mothers and children abused by our government.  I can't see voting for such an arrangement, but just as early Christians used an epidemic in Rome to win many neighbors to Christ by caring for them, I can endorse today's Christians using that problem to win people for Christ.

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