PHOTOS: Sinkholes as Deep as Eight-Story Buildings Form Along Shoreline of the Disappearing Dead Sea

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Those are an incredible sight.  I've been to the Dead Sea twice, but I didn't see anything like those.  I did see some other amazing geological formations around the shoreline though.  I have pictures of myself floating in the water during the second visit.  It was a beautiful day, and there was a huge crowd at one of the beaches along the western shore.  Visitors from all over the world were there!


There were some unbelievable resorts there too.  Here is just one example:


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Proposals to stabilize (or reverse) the Dead Sea's shrinkage:


"The Mediterranean–Dead Sea canal (MDSC) is a proposed project to dig a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea, taking advantage of the 400-metre difference in water level between the seas. It is not to be confused with the Red Sea–Dead Sea Canal (RSDSC). The project could correct the drop in the level of the Dead Sea observed in recent years. The canal could also be used to generate hydroelectric power because of surface difference and maybe by salinity gradient power, and desalinate water by reverse osmosis."


"The Red Sea–Dead Sea Conduit (Canal), sometimes called the Two Seas Canal, is a proposed conduit (pipes and brine canal) which would run from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. It will provide potable water to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories, bring sea water to stabilise the Dead Sea water level and generate electricity to support the energy needs of the project. This proposal has a role in plans to create institutions for economic cooperation between Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians, in the Dead Sea and through the Peace Valley plan."