Perry Noble's NewSpring Church Promises to Refund Tithe If You Don't Get Blessing in 90 Days

"Because we believe what the Bible says about tithing, we commit to you that if you tithe for three months and God doesn't hold true to His promises of blessings (Malachi 3:10), we will refund 100 percent of your tithe. No questions asked" CPost

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1,689 new "tithers" = a chunk of change. I wonder how many they'll be paying refunds to, especially since the passage refers to tithing to the Mosaic covenant priesthood ... and God has promised nothing to individuals who are not parties in the Mosaic covenant.

(Which is everybody, now that it has passed)

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I actually thought this was a satire article . . .

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and an Investigations Manager with a Washington State agency. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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Me too at first. Had me double checking to see if it was April 1

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I'm kinda waiting to see the Liberty Tax mascot standing by the road in a Moses costume and twirling a sign hawking "Tithe Refunds"


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Without Endorsing Prosperity Gospel (whatever that is, since it is so diverse and the practitioners don't even define it and a good portion of the "preachers" of it probably aren't saved...).

A Givers Reward Program was God's idea. How do you get around the plain and obvious meaning of Luke 6:38? How do you spin that into anything except God's plan rewards givers? There are a host of proverbs that confirm that too? While it does not have a guaranteed return rate, God will bless those that give to His people, church, and ministires.