"If Christian broadcaster Stendal goes on trial in Colombia, missions work nationwide may be at risk."

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....prosecutors ought to be able to demonstrate from recordings that the central claim--that his radio station serves as a conduit for messages from FARC.

Or, better yet--cue Paul von Hindenburg here--if Stendal really is "El Gringo" and he's broadcasting messages to FARC in straight AM the way the Russians did during WWI--let him do it for goodness' sake.  Think about it--he would be more or less giving the enemy's battle plans to everyone smart enough to listen.

It would seem that either (a) the government isn't smart enough to listen or (b) the charges are nonsense.  I'm going with (b) because I'll have to be persuaded that Stendal is that much of an idiot to actually do something so colossally stupid.

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