"The new discovery has implications for the debate between Christians" on the age of the universe

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Christians line up on various sides of this issue. Without commenting on the latest Gravitational Wave findings, I would like to mention the following: The Big Bang Theory was developed as an explanation for the origin of the universe. Later, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation research (1940-1964) appeared to confirm the Big Bang. Arno Penzias and Raymond Wilson were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery. The Big Bang had a problem, namely, that the universe had to expand faster than the speed of light in order to fulfill the theory. To answer this problem, Alan Guth together with Paul Steinhardt and Andre Linde came up with the Inflationary Theory, so that the universe could expand faster than the speed of light in its initial phase. This is what the latest Gravitational Wave findings are supposed to confirm. Steinhardt began to doubt his theory several years ago, and still does. So do many physicists. Note the following article:  file:///C:/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/Besitzer/Eigene%20Dateien/My%20Documents/My%20Documents/ID/Why%20I%20Still%20Doubt%20Inflation,%20in%20Spite%20of%20Gravitational%20Wave%20Findings%20_%20Cross-Check,%20Scientific%20American%20Blog%20Network.htm

Does the Big Bang, including the latest discovery offer proof of God? Well . . . that depends upon who is talking about it. Andre Linde seems to think it proves the Multiverse (i.e. that there are millions of universes, of which ours is the lucky one. Thus, there is no need of God). The Big Bang is explained in many ways by cosmologists, not just one way. Astronomer and Bible Believer Danny Faulkner gives a good response from a biblical perspective here: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2014/03/17/has-cosmic-inflation.... Pay attention to discoveries, and stay informed, but be careful about hanging your belief in Creation on the Big Bang. You might truly hang it.