Woman helped steal $532K to become more prominent church member

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Parkhurst said Hillman – who received none of the scheme’s ill-gotten profits – was motivated to help the men because both were respected members of Wave Church.

Parkhurst said the church is a “three-tiered society.” He said the top tier is called the “Kingdom People,” composed of parishioners who tithed above a certain amount.

“These individuals were considered closest to God and made part of the Church inner circle and bestowed many privileges,” Parkhurst said. He noted that Julian and Williams had traveled with the church’s leaders to Africa for a safari and to Jerusalem to be baptized.

Such heresy. Such stupidity. Such reproach upon Christ and His Gospel. 

Tyler Robbins is a former Pastor. He lives with his family in Olympia, WA. He blogs as the Eccentric Fundamentalist

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Follow up article on this one. Apparently this 'church' does have a three tiered system that ranks members (and by extension their spirituality) based on how much money they give. So while we hear of stories of poor folks stealing to feed loved ones, this woman stole to see if she could reach the next level in her church.