Christians Shouldn't Watch 'Deadpool' and That's Not Legalism

"What we watch and listen to affects the heart — it's impossible to separate the two."

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Idleman apparently doesn't know that only "cultural fundamentalists" can say stuff like that.

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Excellent article, although I have no idea what "Deadpool" is.

Richard E Brunt

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It strikes me that the author is doing something very dangerous--he's using a title that attacks a particular movie, and then is expecting Christians to avoid a genre in general without specifying what the objectionable features of that genre are.  Being in a church tradition that all too often told believers that it was wrong to see "Bambi" in a theater, but tacitly endorsed watching "Halloween 2" at home, rhetorically speaking, I think we've got to start doing better than this.

Took a look at wikipedia's description of "Deadpool", and it's rated R for violence, profanity, sexual content and nudity.  I'm thinking we just might be able to come up with a reason not to watch this sort of thing from the Sermon on The Mount.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Glad the author of this article is raising an alarm, and I appreciated his opening illustrations. But some of us have been sounding this alarm now for years. So as I read the article, it sounded to me like a guy on the sinking Titanic, just before the ship broke in two pieces, who finally shouts, "beware! I think we are in danger."