If you were curious: Mormonism has really annoyed some left-handed people

"... a talk that President Dallin Oaks gave in Chicago to a group of youth. In his remarks, he said he felt prompted to teach them something of great importance: 'I had an impression from the Spirit of the Lord to teach something to each of you.... And today, I saw quite a few of the deacons take the sacrament with their left hand. Don’t do that, because you set the wrong example for the congregation if you do that.'" - RNS 

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Well, I guess that rules that out....along with my wife's horror at the idea of being eternally pregnant as a reward for good behavior in life!

Seriously, I went to college with a Catholic guy who had to be taught not to make the sign of the cross with his left hand for about the same reason.  So the sinister and gauche (Latin and French for left-handed) don't just suffer from Mormon bigotry.  

Side note; some of my ancestors were involved in the "Mormon War" that chased them out of Nauvoo.  Suffice it to say that they did not take a kind view of polygamy as Joseph Smith practiced it.  Hopefully they used their left hands in doing so...?

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