Pat Robertson channels the Soup Nazi

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Opinion: The proposed Arizona law is misguided and wrong. Full text of (PDF) here.

Prediction: The Governor will veto it.

Further opinion: 

  • What makes cake baking and flower arranging a special protected commerce? 
  • Why not plumbing, electrical work, lawn mowing, etc. ?! (Or airline piloting ... see above)
  • How many cake bakers and flower arrangers have hypocritically provided services for 2nd or 3rd marriages, marriages between saved and unsaved, or couples who have fornicated prior to the wedding!

Comment: For 1 full year in college I drove a wholesale florist truck and delivered flowers to [gasp] Catholic churches!

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I'm glad Seinfeld has found its proper place among America's Great Theologians (Pat Robertson).  For years, while sitting listening to a preacher blather on, I've often thought: "You know what this sermon needs...a good Seinfeld quote."

Whether this bill passes or not, businesses have the right to serve or not serve whomever they please.

These Arizona businesses will just have to get more "creative" about the reasons.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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Arizona Governor Vetoes Service-Refusal Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed a controversial bill that would have allowed business owners a legal defense for refusing service to customers on religious grounds.

The governor's decision Wednesday earned immediate praise from gay-rights groups, who said that the bill would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples.

Backers of the bill, mostly conservative groups, said the issue had been miscast by its opponents as an issue of discrimination. They argued the bill would have merely strengthened existing law to better protect religious believers from violating their consciences.