Milo Yiannopoulos Says Homophobia Did Not Play Role in CPAC Disinvite, Resigns From Breitbart News

“I regret the things I said. I don’t think I’ve been as sorry about anything in my whole life.” CPost


….is that Mr. Yiannopolous notes that he’s grateful for the opportunity to introduce conservatives to “normal gays.” We would infer, then, that his experiences at age 13 or 14 just might be common in that demographic.

Didn’t Paul Cameron get expelled from the APA for claiming this kind of thing, more or less?

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

Quote: “I came out in full drag to give a talk … and 1,200 Republicans gave me a standing ovation.”This hasn’t happen in this country before. And I’m very proud to be introducing normal gays to Republicans, conservative America,” he added.

The contradiction in this quote alone about made my head explode.

I don’t know Milo from Justin Bieber… but I do know Millennials. The unsaved kind that populate the university I work at. I can say that by and large, they accept homosexuality as a part of life that is equal to heterosexuality. That is simply an observed fact. We need to learn to deal with it because the 20 year olds out there think nothing of it, and in fact, often embrace it.

Vox day linked this recently noting that one lady knew of a situation where five young boys were abused, and four of them ended up dying young—one from suicide, the other three from “The Disease”, which I presume is AIDS. Now granted, this is NOT statistical data, but it is my hope and prayer that this sad situations provokes many to consider whether the abuse of boys in this way does mar them for life.

It’s a hard thing to hope for—again, Paul Cameron was expelled from the APA in part for simply raising this question (and in part for bad statistical practices), so there are a lot of people out there who are not going to “pee on the third rail” that way. But still, hopefully we start thinking about this more.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.