Couple sues Planned Parenthood because abortion pill did not kill son

"They are now worried that the boy, who is almost 3, 'may carry a defect or injury into adulthood' as a result of the failed attempt to kill him." - Christian Post

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Good luck to Mom and Dad when Social Security and Medicare collapse and he remembers that Mom and Dad wanted him dead.  

Seriously, read the article.  Mom went to the ER after taking this, and that brings to mind the FDA's failure to require that this rather dangerous drug be taken within a close range of a hospital.  For reference, here's a map of Idaho hospitals--you can be over 100 miles from the nearest one, it appears.  So really, the "abortion pill" showed dual dangers here--serious hurt to the mom and then it didn't work.  FDA should be very interested in this, IMO.

That noted, there is something odd going on with this story.  They ignored the fact that Washington, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado do not have waiting periods and went to Albuquerque?  

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