SBC EC grants Uth extension for pastors' conference response

"SBC Pastors' Conference president David Uth has been granted an extended time for fasting and prayer before responding to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's stipulation that program adjustments be made before space is allocated at the 2020 SBC Annual Meeting venue." - BPNews

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Why "for prayer and fasting," and not "for thinking it through" or "seeking wisdom" etc.? It's interesting to me how often people think it's godly to omit the cognitive. In this case, though, the more honest wording would probably be "to ponder the consequences and come around to giving the EC what it wants."

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Aaron Blumer wrote:

Why "for prayer and fasting," and not "for thinking it through" or "seeking wisdom" etc.?

Because it is Uth's dig against the EC for attacking him. He is going to fast and pray and wander the desert of southern Florida for 40 days... yeah right.

In other words, its Christian politics.

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This sort of limp-wristed pandering to a "pastor" (read wolf) is why the Church is in such dire straits.  Satan loves it when we are "more gracious than God."  I'm sick of it!  

Dr. Paul Henebury

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