The "Gift" of Singleness

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At the age of almost 25 - no prospects 

God brought a lovely woman into my life. The company where I worked (IBM), hired her and she sat in the same 4 desk quad with me. 

The first time I asked her out, she said "no"

Because I had been shot down so many times, I had a rule "ask 'em out once only"

For some reason I asked her out a second time. 

After we had dated a brief time I asked her to marry me and she said "no"

About 6 months later she said "yes"

Have been married 42 years

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Wow Jim love the story. My wife wants kill me after 31 years of marriage.  She just can't decide wether I'm worth more dead or alive. Alive she still gets the full pension and since she manages all the money I only get an allowance.  Dead she gets 1/2 the pension but 400gs in life insurance and no Joe. 

I met my wife at church but she would not give me the time of day.  I switched to another church and she came to my new church's college and career group. I asked her out and 8 months later we were married which also involved a move.  

Ill be honest I never wanted to be single and I prayed for a partner in life and the Lord provided very quickly.