Minister: American Girl doll 'a trick of the enemy'

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...THAT would be an imposition of femininity, since everyone knows real little boys don't use combs unless their parents force them to.  

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According to the complaint, which was filed with both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the European Union, Genesis Toys and its tech partner Nuance are committing “obvious breaches of several consumer laws.” The privacy groups assert that the toys i-Que and My Friend Cayla each suffer from a lack of security, which makes it possible for anyone to hack into one of the toys and listen in on the conversations it’s recording. The privacy groups further assert that the toys employ illegal user terms, which do not actually ask parents to consent to having their children’s speech recorded; and hidden marketing, which endorses a number of products in a questionable manner.


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Were I to have had a doll in childhood,

It would have suffered the pyrotechnics of an M-80 or Cherry Bomb

Along with plastic cars past their prime, and more

"Logan" wouldn't have made it to "his" first birthday