Americans Less Optimistic About Race Relations

"Today, 46% say we have made worthwhile progress—28 points fewer than in 2014 when 74% said the same. ...'With a change in methodology from telephone in 2014 to online, we cannot say definitively if this decreased optimism is an actual change in sentiment or increased forthrightness'" - LifeWay

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In other news: Water is wet!

This is not at all a surprise.  It was obvious that even during the Obama administration, when people were focused more on racial differences and identity politics than on any other factor that things were starting to get worse.  During the Trump administration, the introduction of the "1619 project" and CRT in our schools to present every subject, even math and science, through a lens of racial grievance, it's hardly news that people would start to think race relations are getting worse.  This isn't just "decreased optimism" or "increased forthrightness."  It's an actual change, and continuing the same strategies will continue to make things worse, not better.

Dave Barnhart