Douglas Groothuis laments: The Book That No One Read

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I read this book back as a GA writing for BJU Press. At the time I was also reading Neil Postman, Gene Edward Veith, H. Richard Neibuhr, and a little bit of Albert Borgman on Christians / culture / technology. I didn't read Jacques Ellul until much later.

At the time I appreciated Groothuis's work because he was pushing past mere content issues on the Internet. Sure, Christians were warning about the dangers of Internet porn, but Groothuis was asking questions about how researching through hyperlinks would affect the way we think about an issue (if I remember right), and reminding us about the  need of embodied presence. My wife came across and purchased a copy of the Wipf and Stock edition for me. I should look through it again.To this day I've foregone any social media accounts.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA

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reminding us about the  need of embodied presence.

I remember this book and read a bit of it. I don't remember much. But I think the concerns are real. To return to an old theme and a fairly dead horse on a topic that has jumped the shark by now, this is the concern with online education. It is a disembodied relationship. It assumes that education is merely or at least primarily about facts. We have lost a sense of community and relationship. That is concerning I think.