Guns and God: Growing number of churches want armed security

“Carl Chinn, founder of the Faith Based Security Network, a nonprofit that offers safety guidance to faith communities, said he is aware of more than 1,000 volunteer-run security teams in houses of worship in the U.S. Two hundred of them, in 34 states, have registered with his network in the past 11 months.” - NBC News 

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....that the church profiled is actually posted no guns.  Good article, especially as it portrays the church as taking training seriously--and in that training, the security team gets to know each other so they don't shoot the wrong person if the worst happens.  Also good in that they note the difficulties of cost for using professional staffers for this purpose.

One thing to add is that as far as I know, the rules for carrying in church in general (whether as security staff or not) differ from carrying in areas where nurseries and children's ministries are conducted.  In MN, permit holders can go into a church, but not into the Sunday School wing or nursery areas and such, without permission from church leadership.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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At my church a retired state trooper has created a security team that is on duty for every service.  Many of those security team members carry at church every Sunday.

I am thankful there is this level of security at my church.  You just never know.