Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

"Never once at the start of my workweek ...have I paused, looked to the heavens and whispered: #ThankGodIt’sMonday. Apparently, that makes me a traitor to my generation." - NYTimes

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I would add this:

While some millennials are become workaholics and work has turned into a religion and the ultimate purpose of life, others are mooching off their parents and refusing to launch.

There is a polarization here the article does not catch.  It seems that the moderate middle is what has declined.

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Maybe they actually do love their work and aren't pretending at all. If they haven't yet become cynical about work, good for them, I say! Maybe they've figured out that just "earning a paycheck I can spend partying" isn't the way to go. It's a ray of hope.

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