How did the 2014 Grammy Awards signal a shift in American culture?

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This shift happened almost 100 years ago with the introduction of mass produced music and radio. Only the packaging is different. Whether it's jazz, big band, classic rock and roll, or techno, it's all representative of a people seeking to glorify the SELF.  The musical artist becomes the center of adoration. The message expressed through the music is "Do what feels good".

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I usually don't follow this stuff .. but the other day I read where one of the winners in the gospel category did not even attend the awards, and had offered explanation on her Facebook page..

While I don't really know anything about this girl Mandisa .. I will say I found her post intriguing.

Just wanted to point out there were actually two who had qualms about the grammy awards..

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Amazing to see how rapidly this world is deteriorating right before our sad that America seems to be leading the way. 

From the article Jim linked: 
"Little did they know when they arrived at the Los Angeles Staples Center that they’d be going to church."

Peter Jones wrote another article expounding even more on the "church" theme. 

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If you define a culture's idolatry by what it apparently worships, and one of the tell-tale identifiers of that idolatry is public nakedness/open immorality (as scripture seems to indicate), and the reach of that idolatry is how it affects basic commerce and custom (as pictured in I Cor. 10), then I am more and more convinced that we as a society worship at the idol of celebrity and that events such as this are its temple worship. 

It is no surprise to me, then, that.........

1) ...pagans act like pagans

2) ...what took place was actually corporate worship ("going to church") and that fact was not lost on at least one outside observer

It was a temple gathering.  It's product has been offered to the idols and is now permeating every aspect of the culture, particularly in the areas of commerce and custom.  So, where do we go from here?


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We just keep being faithful to the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of spite of the ever rising tide of opposition.

"For we have the mind of Christ"...