Gallup: Americans’ Trust of Pastors Hovers Near All-Time Low

"Americans are more likely to trust medical professionals, while few believe pastors are completely honest. Gallup’s annual ratings of the honesty and ethical standards of professions finds nurses continue to be the most trusted, followed by medical doctors, grade-school teachers and pharmacists." - F&T

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With all the scandals out there, if I did not know so many "no name" pastors as I do, I would be right with the majority and say pastors are not to be trusted.  The only pastors many people know are the big names, and when they fall, they bring down the reputation of thousands of unknowns.  Add to that the Catholic priest scandals, the false prophesies and charlatans that frequent religious TV, and this impression is not unwarranted.  Ravi Zacharias, James MacDonald, Jerry Falwell Jr., Bill Hybels, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, the nonsense at 1st Baptist of Hammond .... too many big names have gone bad (or were never right).

From my perspective, the numbers are understandable.  The Kingdom of God in this country has a PR issue.

And we all wonder, "Who will the Me Too movement expose next?"

I know most pastors (at least of our ilk) that I hang around are humble, God-fearing men who love people.  I think that is the majority by far.



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