Are You Open to Spiritual Gifts?

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In practical terms, I view the cautious position as one of fence sitting.  It allows people of both the cessationist and continuationist backgrounds to "get along."  

As a matter of personal interest, has anyone ever heard of or been to a church that practiced the glossal charisma precisely as prescribed in I Corinthians 14?  I've never heard of one.

Also, has anyone heard of any non-cannonical credible recorded cases of xenoglossia?

John B. Lee

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Regarding JBL's good question, no, I've never heard of tongues being practiced in a Biblical way.  At the same point, I'm also unconvinced that Scripture says they've altogether ceased.  And so my conclusion is that while God can, if He wills, enable these gifts,at this point it's not the main emphasis of what He's doing.

(I'm closer to calling cessation on prophecy than tongues, though, as it strikes me that apart from the when and such of the rapture and the 2nd coming, there isn't a whole lot to reveal except precisely who is going to be on that last train to glory....)

The author may call that an untenable position; I call it humility in the face of insufficient evidence.  I'm open to being persuaded by the other two positions, but right now, that's the way I see it.

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