Jim Bakker's embarrassing gospel of "faith alone in Trump alone"

"...sadly, rather than take the Colson path, Bakker's reemergence has revealed a man desperately committed to rebuilding his own kingdom of earthly fame and influence. If that seems harsh, consider the flagrantly anti-biblical message that Bakker unloaded on his television program" - Peter Heck

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Bakker's kind of rhetoric was all over my Facebook feed in '15 and '16: Trump was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy; all true Christians must support Trump to fight the evil, Satanic Democrat party. Now, I don't disagree that the Ds commitment to abortion and deviancy is devilish, but voting is not listed in Ephesians 6 as a means of spiritual warfare, and especially not voting for a man so clearly un-Christian as Donald Trump. 

Most of those promoting this on my feed were charismatics who wholeheartedly and unquestionably accepted the "prophecies" spouted often about Trump. This kind of delusion is a cancer. 

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I appreciated the author's description of Chuck Colson's repentance.

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Peter Heck lives in the same area I do, Kokomo, IN.  He is a pretty sharp thinker and speaker, and this article is just a case in point. 

Heck is right on -- this bundling of politics and Christianity must stop.

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