Lesbian couple hired to co-pastor D.C. Baptist church

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....if they don't mind that one of them previously pastored among the Unitarians, one wouldn't be surprised that they'd take homosexuality in stride, too.  Denying the Trinity is, in my mind, at least as big a deal as sexual sin.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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About five years ago an Episcopal Church in Metro Phila area had a Senior Pastor who was a Druid Priest on the side.  He and his wife and a small group were holding pagan whorship meetings.  

When the central Episcopal Admin found out he was told repent from paganism or be fired.  I believe he repented. I think he was doing pagan worship in the church too. I guess he wanted to make better use of the church facilities.  No animal sacrifices to my knowledge.  A little worse than co lesbian Pastors from a human perspective.